We are constantly working to improve the working quality of our equipment, improve ergonomics and make it as user-friendly as possible. To do this, we have all the necessary capabilities: testing of new types of equipment, our own center to bring unpainted notches, both in Turkey and abroad, cooperate with notches to fix major centers. All this gives us the opportunity to produce high quality PDR equipment with maximum functional properties.


Lifetime warranty
Hand tools from 8mm under the brand "Gocukdunyasi". We are confident of the quality and such a guarantee is not an empty expression.
Only the most reliable vehicle can provide such a guarantee without risking the company's reputation.

3 years
Warranty for all swivel handles.

1 year
Warranty for the rest of the product range, excluding consumables.

14 days
The consumable warranty is valid in case of receipt of product and defect detection.
You can change the goods. The warranty does not apply to products used during operation.

Procedure for taking action when a warranty action is taken
Take a photo of the defect and send it to us by e-mail: bilgi@gocukdunyasi.com Marked as “Warranty in Provide your name, invoice or order number (if applicable), contact phone number and address in the letter.

The warranty department will review and decide your appeal within 3 business days. If the photo clearly indicates a factory error (for example, hook explosion), the new product will be sent immediately to the address you specified. If it is not possible to identify it from the photo, you will need to send us a warranty product (or bring it to our service center) (they will tell you how to do it better by telephone), then the service engineers will investigate the fault in detail and provide a decision and repair options / replacement.

Warning! All shipping costs for return of old and delivery of new goods are borne by the customer.


If you still have questions, please call +90 224 272 10 74 and send an email to bilgi@gocukdunyasi.com!